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Have your say - Civic engagement

You can also get involved in forming EU laws. The European Commission would like to hear your views on laws and policies currently in development. They offer a platform "Have your say" with the list of all new EU initiatives open for public consultation. You need to register to write your feedback.

Recommendation on civic engagement

About this initiative: This initiative aims to promote measures to support broad, meaningful participation by civil society organisations and citizens.

Feedback period: for stage 2&3 it is 16 February 2023 - 13 April 2023


Feedback from Europeans for Safe Connections

We "Europeans for Safe Connections" welcome this initiative because we also call for more civic engagement in the discussion whether or to what extent to authorise digital innovations.

Debates on digitalization are supplanted by advertising. Digital innovations are promoted uncritically by politicians and advertisements. There is no public discussion about potential problems. Presently, the 5G roll-out is in the hands of uneducated politicians and lobbyists who have not engaged in any dialogue with the EU public.

The European people have not been asked whether they want their lives to be totally digitalized and run by algorithms. In particular they were not involved in the pros and cons of the wireless rollout. Read more:

Regarding the environmental sideeffects of the digital rollout; increased mining, pollution, energy comsumption, increase in e-waste, EMF-pollution - this violates the Aarhus Convention.

The Public Participation Directive 2003/35/EC provides for public participation with respect to formulating certain plans and programmes relating to the environment. So far there has been no unbiased discussion in the EU community.

Furthermore, the European union provides a tool for citizens for better civic engagement - The European Citizens' Initiative is "a unique way for citizens to help shape the EU by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws." However, with our ECI "Stay connected but protected" we learned that an ECI is not really for normal citizens. In order to make it, you need huge organisations to work together with massive PR management and big budgets. But we have even been blocked by fundraising platforms despite the fact that the ECI is an official tool instigated by the Lisbon Treaty. Moreover, we experienced censorship on social media and streets. Read more in our complaint letter:

Best regards
Petra Bertova
on behalf of the Europeans for Safe Connections
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