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Have your say - Global health

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Global health – new EU strategy

About this initiative: There have been significant changes in global health and geopolitics since the Commission’s 2010 Communication on the EU’s role in global health.

This initiative will develop a new global health strategy to respond to these changes and strengthen EU leadership in this area.

Feedback period: for stage 3 it is 27 June 2022 - 19 September 2022


Feedback from Europeans for Safe Connections

We "Europeans for Safe Connections" are very concerned with this strategy “one size fits all”. Health strategies must be considered, and evaluated by each member state. Expert decisions can only be made if based on relevant data. It is unacceptable for external non EU organisations to process sensitive health data of EU citizens – WHO, UN etc. We advocate for decentralization to region or community level.

We demand a moratorium until there is broad and informed public debate on this subject.

Meanwhile, we provide feedback to 3 problems the initiative aims to tackle in the document CALL FOR EVIDENCE part A, point 2):

- "the links between the environment, animal and plant health, and human health"

Wireless data services emitting pulsed microwave radiation adversely effect animals, environment and health. This fact is well known, established.

According to industry reports, energy consumption from wireless devices and networks will grow exponentially. Wireless energy consumption will grow by 160% until 2030 and 5G will increase global CO2 emissions by cca. 250 megatons, and this does not comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive.

We call for a reduction of the massive electricity consumption caused by wireless digital communication technology, e.g. by prioritizing wired solutions and low energy solutions in order to support the overall health of the Community.

- "new approaches to developing pharmaceuticals to ensure access to safe, high-quality, effective and affordable treatments for everyone, while maintaining innovation"

Europeans should have access to medical care when needed, however medical systems cannot be subject to cross-border controls - this way EU/Member States guarantee diversity and freedom of choice.

We prefer preventive methods to expensive pharmaceuticals. Most importantly, reduce all pathogenic environmental toxins and preserve the most natural habitat possible for all species.

- "digitalisation, a powerful feature, which must be exploited fully to deliver health solutions"

We have particular concerns about solutionism and confidential health data. Hacking of medical devices could create a backdoor into hospital networks.
Minimization of data transmitted wirelessly is crucial for the security of medical patients. The principle of data minimization involves limiting data transmission and storage to only what is required to fulfil specific purposes.
A new report about AI and Health Data raises concerns. If data is reliable and accurate they should be able to provide correct answers regarding diagnoses and treatments, but apparently data files used for AI are full of erroneous data, resulting in incorrect treatments, inadequate patient care and wasting tax payer money.

Furthermore, EHS (electrohypersensitivity) is not recognised as an existing fact and the EU should advise their Member States the following:

> For EHS persons CT are a much greater risk and burden than MRI, so this must be considered when examinations are ordered

> RF EMF is associated with diabetes, so this must be considered when using wireless insulin management systems emitting continuous pulsed microwave radiation (

>Clean-air zones free from pulsed microwave radiation must be provided in national parks, cities, schools, hospitals and all workplaces.

>Children must be provided with healthy and positive learning environments free from day-long exposure to school Wi-Fi networks.

Best regards
Petra Bertová
on behalf of the Europeans for Safe Connections
This feedback was sent from a wired internet connection
- No use of harmful radiation
- Less electricity consumption
- Increased data security

PS: Many thanks to Allan, Charlotte, Eniko, Frantz, Giorgio, Kamil, Michaela

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