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Nordic collaboration – info request regarding 5G roll-out

Updated in March 2023: Please read Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports

Europeans for Safe Connections welcome the initiative of northern countries to write a Nordic Appeal. We advise as many countries as possible to send this appeal to their local authorities. We added questions so that authorities are obliged to answer. We will publish their answers on our webpage.

The letter have been translated, sent and (some) answered in these countries and organisations:

What we ask you to do:

  1. Please translate the appeal (you can find it here below). Important - Do not change the wording of the appeal.

  2. Attach it to your letter for authorities (you can find it here below)

  3. Please send us information about who has received this appeal and related questions. When your authorities answer send us also the answers.

Your letter to the authorities

To: name of national authority
From: your name or name of organisation, member of Europeans for Safe Connections
Date: xxx
Subject: Appeal with request regarding 5G roll-out

Dear Committee

You are hereby receiving an inquiry prepared by the Nortic Group regarding the European regulations of microwave radiation from wireless technologies. We would like to inform you of this appeal and the issues it outlines and ask for your position on this subject. We have questions about this appeal:

– What is your position towards new RF EMF limit values? Will you accept it? If yes, what will you do to help this initiative progress? If no, why?

– What is your position on a halt to 5G? Will you accept it? If yes, what will be your next steps? If no, why?

– What is your position to educate about the health risk from RF EMF at all levels in society? Will you take responsibility for launching information campaigns in your area of responsibility? If yes, what will be your next steps? If no, why?

– Will you take responsibility to protect the public from RF EMF? If yes, what will be your next steps? If no, why? What is your position on prioritising wired technology especially in schools, hospitals etc.?

Please send the answers to my email.

Please send me information where in the system this request is being journalized in order to be ready for future political or legal processing of this important issue.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
participant of Europeans for Safe Connections

The text of the Nordic Appeal to be translated


Nordic appeal: tighten regulation on microwave radiation from wireless technologies - Stop further roll-out of 5G


In recent years, people's exposure to pulsed microwave radiation from wireless technologies has exploded, mainly due to the roll-out of 5G. In addition to more base stations, millions of so-called smart water and electricity meters are being installed. This is being done despite a complete lack of research showing that 5G and wireless water and electricity meters, which are being forced on people in their own homes, are not harmful to human health and the environment. At the same time, the first two studies to date on the effects of 5G have shown that 5G base stations cause adverse health effects in humans and that 5G radiation damages neurons in the brain in animal experiments. The brain damage observed could eventually lead to Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.

In parallel with this explosion in radiation exposure, rules, known as reference values, for permissible radiation are still being applied, based on a seriously outdated approach from the 1950s. These reference values only protect humans from harmful effects resulting from acute warming. This means that people are completely unprotected from the range of harmful effects, such as cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress and neurological effects, that science has repeatedly shown occur at levels well below these reference values. Current reference values do not protect living organism against harmful effects.

We represent organizations that have worked for many years on their own research and/or on following research in the field. We are constantly receiving new testimonies from people who have suffered from ill health after 5G base stations or wireless water and electricity meters have been installed in their vicinity. Given what is known today about the risks of this technology, it must be considered a violation of human rights to impose this harmful radiation on people in their own homes without their informed consent.

We are deeply concerned and call for the following measures to be taken urgently:

1. New limit values must be developed to protect against all demonstrated health and environmental risks at levels thousands of times below current reference values. This must be done with the help of experts who are free from ties to the industry concerned, and with representatives from the scientific community who have shown that the risks are considerable even at levels well below current reference values.

2. 5G deployment must be halted until an independent commission has investigated the risks. Again, the risk assessment of 5G must be carried out by experts who are free from ties to the industry concerned, and with representatives from the side of the scientific community that has identified the risks as significant.

3. In order to prevent injuries, risk education must be organized at all levels of society. This applies, for example, to health care, schools, pre-schools and the general public.

4. Best available techniques shall be used to protect human health and the environment. Priority must be given to wired technologies that minimize harmful radiation.


Measurements show sharp increase in radiation

Measurements carried out in spring 2021 as part of an international collaborative project showed that radiation in cities has increased significantly, with peak values (pulses) reaching between 200,000 and over 1 million microWatts per square metre (μW/m²).1 A scientific study reports that levels over 2 million μW/m² have been measured at the Skeppsbron in Stockholm.2 These are values that far exceed the levels that have been known for 50 years to cause adverse effects on human health, early known as the microwave syndrome. 3,4 In the first case study to date of the health effects of 5G, it was observed that 5G caused an extreme increase in radiation in a dwelling directly under a 5G base station. Radiation increased from 9,000 to 1,690,000 μW/ m² (maximum peak level).5 There is a complete lack of research showing that these high levels do not cause ill health with prolonged whole-body exposure.

Harmful effects showed in large scale

5G is being rolled out, forcibly exposing people to microwave radiation in their own homes without informed consent, despite a complete lack of research showing that 5G is safe for human health. This is totally unacceptable.

Only in 2022, when deployment has already been underway for two years, will the first two studies on the impact of 5G be published. Both show serious effects. The first, a case study, showed that a 5G base station caused an extreme increase in radiation in a home. Residents suffered typical symptoms of exposure to microwave radiation within a few days, including severe sleep disturbances, dizziness, skin complaints, concentration problems, tinnitus, impaired short-term memory, confusion, fatigue, tendency to depression, heart and lung symptoms (palpitations, heaviness across the chest).5 These symptoms have been shown in research for 50 years as an effect of exposure to microwave radiation and have been referred to in the scientific literature as microwave syndrome.

The second study on the effects of 5G was published in October 2022. The study showed that experimental animals exposed to 5G had an increased incidence of damage to neurons and increased oxidative stress in the brain. These are effects that could eventually lead to degenerative diseases such as dementia, according to the researchers. In addition, hormones, which have a protective effect on the brain, were negatively affected.6

The scientific review of the available science commissioned by the European Parliament has found that radiation from 5G and other wireless technologies can cause cancer, and that it has been shown to damage male fertility and possibly female reproductive capacity.7 Research has also extensively shown that radiation from previous generations of wireless technology causes oxidative stress, DNA damage, cancer, harmful effects on the brain, altered behaviour and an increased risk of brain tumours and thyroid cancer from mobile phone use.8,9

Disastrous consequences for wildlife

The ongoing dramatic increase in human exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technologies is expected to lead to serious consequences in terms of deteriorating public health and harmful effects on plants, insects, birds and other animals. Research is increasingly showing that radiation is harmful to humans and other biological life at levels well below those approved by the responsible Nordic authorities. A research report with 1200 references concludes that the increasing radiation in our environment can have catastrophic consequences for wildlife, especially birds and insects. 10,

Outdated recommendations allow dangerous exposure

Scientists, doctors and elected officials have been calling for years on governments to introduce rules allowing only much lower exposures, no more than 1-100 μW/ m² 12 and to reconsider current reference values as seriously inadequate to protect against demonstrated health risks.

16 world-leading scientists gathered under the new International Commission on Radiological Protection, ICBE-EMF, conclude that current reference values developed by the controversial ICNIRP organisation are based on outdated and erroneous assumptions that radiation can only harm health if it is so intense that it heats up tissue in a very short time. Many harmful effects have been shown at levels well below the reference values.8

Doctors, scientists and elected officials have appealed for better protection

In 2017, the 5G Appeal was launched ( The appeal, which is currently signed by over 400 doctors and scientists from around the world, appeals to policymakers to halt 5G deployment because of the risk of serious human health consequences until the risks have been investigated by scientists with no ties to industry.13

The EMF Scientist Appeal was launched in 2015 ( and is currently signed by 256 scientists, all working in the field. They call for people to be better protected from the risks of this form of radiation by revising the rules on permissible radiation and informing the public and the medical profession about the risks.

In 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recommended that member states should strive to keep radiation levels in society as low as possible in general, and to reduce the permissible radiation limit to 100 from the current extremely high 10,000,000 μW/ m². Children and other vulnerable people should be given special protection. Governments were also urged to ensure that the public is widely informed about known risks. 11

Authorities ignore the risks and the need for stronger protection

Despite the research and repeated appeals from the scientific community, the medical profession and elected representatives, the responsible authorities continue to ignore the increasingly clear risk picture. They argue that the current seriously outdated reference values, which allow people to be exposed to harmful radiation, would be sufficient to protect them. In support of their position, the authorities rely on a small group of experts, not representative of the scientific community at large, the majority of whom have ties to the telecom companies. 14,15

Mona Nilsson, Radiation Protection Foundation, Sweden

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Sissel Halmøy and Thomas J. Middelthon, Folkets Strålevern, Norway

Solveig Glomsrød, FELO, Norway

Pernille Schriver, Council for Safe Telecommunications, Denmark



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