What can YOU do?

Protect all life from radio frequency and microwave radiation

  1. Protect yourself and your family against all health and biological effects by minimising the exposure to RF EMF.
  2. Look for scientific evidence and educate yourself.
  3. Do not settle for the convenient assurance that the authorities care. Demand protection based on the best available scientific data, not lobby.
  4. Ask for exposure guidelines that have been developed by scientists with biomedical expertise and who are free from conflicts of interest.
  5. Demand that all biologically effective parameters of RF EMF are evaluated when testing wireless devices, antennas, and their operation.
  6. Replace wireless connections with cables. Do so immediately in your home. Demand it in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, all public buildings.
  7. Inform others about the dangers associated with wireless connections and how to minimize them (e.g. by using cables)
  8. Ask your community to provide low/no radiation zones.
  9. Demand that you are not exposed to RF EMF, it is your right to protect your health and bio-integrity.
  10. Based on the precautionary principle, ask for the protection of nature, animals and plants.

Protect the environment from all impacts of 5G and digitalization

  1. Be involved in the local development proceedings in your municipality. Ask your government agencies to review all telecommunication projects for environmental impact.
  2. Reduce the massive electricity consumption caused by digital communication technology by prioritizing wired and low energy solutions.
  3. Before buying a new device, think about the huge amounts of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the environmental impact of mining for resources (for producing new devices). Do you really need to buy this new device?
  4. Save energy of all your connected devices - turn off all your wireless functions when you do not use them actively.
  5. Remember that manmade RF EMF has various harmful parameters and consider all of them as a pollutant of your space.
  6. Demand monitoring of all biological harmful parameters of RF EMF in your community.
  7. Call for a stop for 5G satellites worldwide until the environmental impacts are resolved.
  8. Do not use satellite internet.

Safeguard your privacy, security and freedom

  1. Be aware of risk of surveillance and data misuse of 5G, IoT & IoB (Internet of Things & Internet of Bodies).
  2. Do not upload personal and medical data on the internet (even though it is a personal account) for better protection against the increasing cybercrime.
  3. Do not tolerate discrimination and digital rights violations.
  4. Demand that your data are not processed by automated procedures (by AI).
  5. Help organizing public debates on digital innovations.
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