News letters Newsletter number 6 22 February 2023

We are sad to leave you!

Dear all you good supporters, friends and helpers!

This will be our last message to you before we close down the ECI on March 1!

We are really happy that you have followed us and supported us in this last year.

Thanks to you, we have managed to gather over 56.000 signatures for this very important, but difficult topic of electromagnetic fields! Thanks to you we have been able to reach people in the far corners of the EU, and we have been able to put 5G and microwaves on the European agenda. And last but not least, we have come into contact with wonderful people, networks and organisations all over Europe working with the subject of EMFs.

The game of the ECI is now over, but like the bird Phoenix we rise from the ashes and start a brand-new project

This new project is called Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC) and is a collaboration of national and international organisations that are concerned about negative effects of the modern communication technologies. The ESC will present proposals to our politicians to make the wireless technologies safer and to reduce exposure to EMFs – for the benefit of individuals, society, flora and fauna.

We call it Europeans for Safe Connections because that is exactly what we want! We are not against technological developments and innovation but we demand that they are safe for all life, and we demand that our politicians do what is needed to safeguard the planet, before they start experimenting with a new technology that has not been seriously tested or assessed.


Let’s stay in touch!

Would you like to follow us into this new adventure? We don’t want to lose contact with you, because there is so much happening in this field that we would like to tell you about.

Please stay in contact with us via our webpage And please send us a mail if you want to know more or participate in our Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC). Soon there will be a new website and on this website you can register for the newsletter of ESC. Please stay in touch.

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What have we learned?

Even though we have not reached the 1 million, we still feel that our initiative has been a huge success.

  • We have managed to put the subject on the European agenda despite the much bigger agenda of corona, which was close to overwhelming us.
  • In spite of Corona, we carried on and managed to get in touch with a lot of good people all over Europe.
  • We have facilitated the cooperation between lawyers in the EU working with the subject of EMF, who can now network and support each other.
  • We have the support of a big number of scientists, who will continue to assist us with their latest research.
  • We started networking with many other organisations all over the world.

Furthermore, we learned that an ECI is not really for normal citizens. In order to make it, you need huge organisations to work together with big budgets and massive PR management. Also, we saw that national or local petitions have reached many more signatures – some of them several hundred thousand. People seem to be more willing to sign local petitions and give their names to authorities closer to them. See some of them here.

Therefore, we can say with certainty: There are hundreds of thousands of supporters of our concepts for better wireless regulation. We now invite them to come and join us in Europeans for Safe Connections where they can make a difference on a broader scale – because we are together and because we are many!

ESC made it to the EU Parliament


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