Nachrichten Our Press Release 31 May 2022

A legal victory for anyone fighting the rollout of 5G

A legal breakthrough in the UK led by Action Against 5G and renowned lawyer Michael Mansfield has invigorated the fight across the rest of the world to stop 5G rollout.

Europeans for Safe Connections – the initiator of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) - Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected - is extremely grateful for this legal effort to stop the 5G rollout and its harmful impacts on the environment and health. The Stop 5G ECI collects signatures in all 27 EU countries to urge the EU to take precautionary measures and stop the roll-out of 5G, which has never been assessed for its environmental or health impact.

The Court of Appeal in UK has granted permission for the case to proceed on grounds concerning 1) the failure to provide adequate information to the public about the risks of adverse health effects, 2) how individuals can avoid or minimize these risks and 3) the failure to provide adequate and sufficient reasons for not investigating and identifying the adverse health effects and risks of adverse health effects from 5G technology.
These failures are in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 by omissions and failings in violation of the positive obligations to protect human life, health and dignity, required by Articles 2, 3 and/or 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The case will now be sent back to the Administrative Court and is now awaiting the directions as to the full hearing.

This legal milestone of the UK sends a clear and strong warning to politicians, telecom companies and others driving the roll-out of 5G in the UK, the EU and around the World that fundamental rights are being violated.

The same conclusion was reached by Danish lawyer Christian F. Jensen in The Legal Opinion on 5G:It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G-network, as it is currently described, would be in contravention of current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions."

Coordinator for
"Stop (((5G))) - Stay Connected but Protected"
Pernille Schriver


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