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Newsletter number 4

Dear Readers

Collaboration and mutual support are the key to achieve change and groundbreaking results. With this ECI in our hands we have experienced new network being born that connects many local networks. We see the benefits of working together and supporting each other.

When we collaborate synergy effect occurs. Suddenly 1+1 becomes 3

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Establishing the umbrella organization Europeans for Safe Connections
Our final goal is to finalize the legal launch of an European NGO focusing at protection of humans, flora and fauna against the effects and risks of EMF. We will work together across Europe in order to obtain a general understanding and acceptance in society that artificial EMF currently have adverse effects on life and the environment.

Children’s Health Defense CHD
The Stop 5G ECI project have been invited to join Children’s Health Defense Europe. They have started activities and networking in Europe and have initiated a 5G/EMF group that will meet in Stockholm Jan 20. 2023.

Safe Tech International
The international group that runs the Stop 5G Global Days is very active in informing the public about the hazards regarding EMF. Sean Carney has created this animated video about EHS for our Stop 5G ECI.

Video links:

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National US Call for Safe Technology
Two Stop 5G ECI organisers Elisabeth Madsen and Pernille Schriver have been invited to join and present our ECI at these meetings. The participants are Americans and Canadians debating all the different issues going on at their continent; smartmeters, 5G, mast, etc…It is very educational.

No Cellphone! campaign initiated by Arthur Firstenberg
Pledge which we all can sign.
Microwave radiation is the first pollutant that is being spread intentionally over every square inch of the planet. We have a unique opportunity to be proactive instead of just advocates. To be a movement of change and not just for change.


In cooperation with Dr. Marc Arazi, Phonegate Alert, Europeans for Safe Connections has written a letter to local telecom regulators. We ask if any test on specific absorption rate (SAR) of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, tablets and connected objects on bodies has been carried out and we ask for those reports. We advise as many countries as possible to send this letter to their local tele regulators.

Nordic Appeal – Nordic Network
9 Nordic organisations have signed and sent an appeal to national authorities, WHO and the EU asking for stricter regulation on microwave radiation from wireless technologies and a stop to further 5G roll-out. The EU answered the appeal. Please read The Nordic appeal and the EU answer:


Mast-group UK
Neil MacDougall in the UK is working on a strategy to get the local authorities to accept that they have responsibility for the citizens health and for protections of the environment. We are planning to start a European working group to spread this tool to all EU countries.

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