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Newsletter number 3

Dear Readers

There is very good news to report: Real advances have been made in the court rooms. Our cause is moving forward. Step-by-step. Several court rulings provide good backing for our ECI-proposals to the EU.

Every journey starts with a first step forward - Now many steps have been taken

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The breakthrough for an EHS student

- United Kingdom, The Upper Tribunal

Finally, somebody listens. Many of us have asked in vain to improve the electromagnetic environment in schools. And now there is a breakthrough in the UK. The parents of a young girl with EHS won this fight after 5 years.

See what the judge ruled at the end of our Proposal 6.

Beware of liability for damages

- Germany, The Münster Regional Court

There are limits to what one can do at others expense. A judge has clarified that property owners who rent out space for base stations and mobile towers assume responsibility for health consequences of the activity. Read more about this important development in our press release.

Very important court case in UK December 13.

- United Kingdom, The Royal Courts of Justice

The people have the right to know about the risks concerning 5G, the Court of Appeal said in May 2022.

More at the end of our Proposal 7 and our press release.

The next step is now the actual court case Dec. 13 in London. The legal team is now ready for the case to be heard. 

We are in close contact with and supporting the group behind this very important court case. We will write more about the outcome on our webpage.

A case to invoke our fundamental rights

- against Belgium and the EU

The court case is not just relevant in Belgium. It is an inspiration to all EU countries. The case is not directed against any specific wireless technology but against the total exposure to man-made radiation.

Hands off our properties!

- UK, an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State

Residents' VICTORY! Finally, a legal prevention to antennas being sited. The inspector said that the 50 ft tall mast must go down in the village Woughton on the Green. And residents on Blakelands won a similar battle to prevent a 5G mast being sited on their estate.

- New York, District Judge for the Eastern District

The citizens were justified in denying to place 18 small cell antennas in the Village of Flower Hill. Please read what the judge ruled at the end of our Proposal 9.

Elon Musk's plans in trouble in France

- France, the Conseil d'Etat court

Starlink needs to connect with Earth's public opinion. A judge has revoked their license for lack of public consultation. Read more about Starlink's problems and why the satellites may not be launched in France at our Proposal 23.

Irradiation comes at a cost

- France, The administrative court in Clermont-Ferrand

Irradiation can cost dearly. A judge ordered a 4G antenna to be switched off for two months because cows had less milk and many had died.

- France, the court of Coutances

A real David and Goliath result! A judge sentenced the company Réseau de transport d'énergie to pay just over 460,000 euros to a dairy farm, because a very high voltage line caused health problems to cows. More about these cases at the end of our Proposal 10.

Each of these individual court steps proves that we are standing in our right and that we are moving in the right direction. All these court rulings strengthen our position with our ECI towards the EU.

Travel with us. Do you know more winning court cases? Please contact us.

If you don't fight, you've already lost
If you fight you can win

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