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Newsletter number 5

Dear Readers

We wish you a less digitized future unlike the one in the picture.


This futuristic image was created by Artificial Intelligence, which can do much more than create art. It can also be used to monitor all the actions you take every second.

Maybe you're not worried because you think you've done nothing wrong? But do others think the same about you? Are you 100% sure no one else thinks you're doing something wrong or simply something they do not like?

We appreciate your support for our European Citizens' Initiative. It is very important that democratic voices are heard and that freedom of expression is upheld and protected. In the past year, we have witnessed numerous attempts to limit our freedom of expression. We were

  • blocked on Facebook
  • blocked on YouTube
  • blocked on LinkedIn
  • blocked in fundraising

A single attempt to restrict freedom of expression is not problematic, but if many experience this, it forms a bigger picture.

This cannot be considered "normal circumstances" for signature collection, which we would like to briefly outline in our formal complaint to the EU. Since we sent the letter to the EU, our members have reported more experience and we have added them to the letter for your information.

To maintain media freedom in EU, please send your feedback to European Commission's new recommendation "Safeguarding media freedom in the EU". After registration, you can write your feedback until 23 January 2023. We posted our feedback and you can get inspired by it:

We argue that digital innovations are promoted uncritically by media and advertisements. There is no plurality, no objective discussion about potential problems.

Let’s celebrate Internet-Free Day Jan. 29. Turn off your internet on all your devices and celebrate a global day with less energy consumption, less radiation, less stress, less surveillance, lass hacking and more relaxation 😊


Later, on 8th February we will celebrate Safer Internet Day

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell

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