News January, 2022

Aarhus Regulation gets stronger

The Aarhus Regulation, which among other things provides for access to justice in environmental matters, has been updated to hopefully make it even easier to "strengthen the capacity of European civil society and the general public to scrutinise decisions affecting the environment ". Perhaps this will pave the way for better regulation of mobile communications in the environment?

The agreed amendment will improve the possibilities for the civil society to request that EU institutions review their acts with the aim to ensure better environmental protection and a more effective climate action. Environmental non-governmental organisations, as well as individuals whose rights are impaired will be able to ask for such scrutiny. In addition, any members of the public acting together in the public interest will be able to ask for scrutiny if such request is supported by at least 4000 Europeans from at least five Member States, with at least 250 members of the public coming from each of those Member States.  

The amended Regulation will further improve the openness, accountability and consistency of the Union's environment and climate actions and will support the Commission's objective to achieve transformative change under the European Green Deal, by further empowering the civil society to contribute to this change.


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