Threatening our Privacy

Insufficient Personal Data Protection

Our privacy is compromised. 5G will multiply data transfers and cybersecurity issues will grow exponentially.

Source: Secure 5G deployment– EU toolbox by European Economic and Social Committee, point 2.16

Data is raw material and the new gold for the tech giants (like Google, Amazon, Vodaphone, Apple and so on). Every second, millions of predictions of human behavior are made by these corporations on the basis of the data collected. This data is used to create a digital profile of us, which is traded as a resource for advertising, influence and surveillance.

The introduction of Smart cities, buildings and devices promises comfort and security, but costs our privacy. Careless use of data and improper software is leading to all kinds of crime and injustice.

5G will multiply data transfers with higher volumes and also higher resolution of images, videos and voices.


Banking and Health Data at Risk

Wireless transmissions from credit cards, mobile phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, pacemakers etc. pose a risk of data misuse.

More and more data, including sensitive data, will be transmitted via banking and health devices. We have particular concerns about private banking data and those covered by medical confidentiality (medical watches, hearing aids).


TODO: Passive Data Protection Authorities

Data protection authorities do not provide assessments of discrimination and digital rights violations.

There are two levels of supervisory authorities for the protection of personal data:
— the national data protection supervisory authorities (DPAs)
— the European Data Protection Board (EDPB)

However, they are not sufficiently independent of the States and companies, do not have sufficient resources of their own and their scope of control remains limited.

Current data protection is insufficient in an Internet of Bodies and Things scenario in which all devices are collecting our data 24/7, to be processed as Big Data by artificial intelligence which has been proven to reproduce and aggravate discrimination.

Huge amounts of data are being created through the wireless networking of vehicles, people, infrastructures, communication and building technologies, home appliances and household devices.

The GDPR clearly mentions cases of discrimination as falling within the competence of supervisory authorities. However, these authorities have made little use of this competence, and to date do not provide any regular assessment of such discrimination, neither at national nor at European level.


Discriminative Artificial Intelligence

Big data collected 24/7 are processed by artificial intelligence which reproduces and aggravates discrimination.

In an Internet of Bodies and Things scenario all devices are collecting our data 24/7, to be processed as Big Data by artificial intelligence.

Various studies have shown that artificial intelligence actually automatically reproduces previous discrimination in machine learning processes. The machine “learns” according to the choices it has already made in the past by systematising them - therefore artificial intelligence is a powerful engine for reproducing and aggravating discrimination.

Imagine you train AI on a small set of input data. However, the entry set is prepared by a person who has his prejudices, his views, his political direction. So artificial intelligence then multiplies these prejudices, opinions, political direction.

This is not a fiction, artificial intelligence has already been proven to reproduce and aggravate discrimination.


Debates on Digitalization are Supplanted by Advertising

Digital innovations are promoted uncritically by politicians and advertisements. There is no public discussion about potential problems.

Digital technologies, especially 5G in conjunction with the Internet of Things and of Bodies, may lead to usage that is contrary to respect for human dignity and life in society.

The European people have not been asked whether they want their lives to be totally digitalized and run by algorithms. In particular they were not involved in the pros and cons of wireless rollout. Presently, the 5G roll-out is in the hands of uneducated politicians and lobbyists who have not engaged in any dialogue with the EU public.

So far there has been no unbiased discussion in the EU community.


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