Our Objectives

5G deployment is putting our rights to a healthy environment, freedom and privacy at stake

We call on the Commission to propose legislation to protect citizens and the environment from these threats:

Humans, fauna and flora are being harmed by radiation. Current exposure limits provide insufficient protection — especially for vulnerable people (like children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly), animals, pollinating insects and plants.

Enact regulation to protect all life
from radio frequency and microwave radiation

With 5G the amount of connected electronic devices, antennas and satellites will explode. Unsustainable energy consumption, radiation emissions, harmful mining and pollution will follow, which will endanger biodiversity and natural habitats.

Enact stronger regulation to protect the environment
from all the impacts of 5G and digitalization

5G enables massive data collection and surveillance by connected objects. This will increase the risk of cybercrime, data leak, theft, resale and misuse of artificial intelligence.

Enact effective data protection to safeguard
our privacy, security and freedom

* specific proposals in the annex

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