Protection of all life on Earth

Enact regulation to protect all life
from radio frequency and microwave radiation

Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies independent from industry including the most recent research prove radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) have harmful bioeffects at intensities millions of times lower than current limits. We demand the application of the precautionary principle to RF EMF in order to protect against risks to the environment and human health.

Ten proposals to implement in EU law:

Proposal 1

Enact RF EMF exposure limits based on all health and biological effects (not only thermal) to protect humans – above all children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly, electrohypersensitive people (EHS); apply the precautionary principle.

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Proposal 2

Update Recommendation 1999/519/EC and Workplace Directive 2013/35/EU. These "should be regularly reviewed and reassessed".

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Proposal 3

Workplace Directive 2013/35/EU and Recommendation1999/519/EC"must be based on the best available scientific data". We demand limits are set to the MOST PROTECTIVE AMONG ALL scientific and empirical guidelines available...

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Proposal 4

Ensure additional exposure guidelines are made by scientists with biomedical expertise and who are free from conflicts of interest: appoint a new panel or expand SCHEER’s activities to assess RF EMF’s bioactive parameters.

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Proposal 5

Ensure the testing of wireless devices, antennas and their operation assesses all biologically active parameters of RF EMF.

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Proposal 6

Replace wireless connections with cables. Do so immediately in places such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, all public buildings.

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Proposal 7

Educate the public on the hazards associated with wireless technologies and how to minimize exposure (e.g. using cables).

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Proposal 8

Advise member states to provide low/no radiation zones in municipalities. Declare all nature reserves and parks low/no radiation zones.

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Proposal 9

In order to protect human health and bio-integrity, ask EU citizens for informed consent before exposing them to RF EMF.

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Proposal 10

On the basis of the precautionary principle, enact a directive regarding RF EMF exposure limits for protection of fauna and flora.

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