Supporters 7th November 2021

Letter from Professor Bardócz

Letter of support for the ECI 5G EU Citizens' Initiative

Maria Curie saved many lives by carrying a radioactive isotope in her arms for a long time. Her voluntary, self-inflicted experiment cost her much suffering and eventually resulted in her death. Her sacrifice was not in vain because it drew the attention of mankind to the danger of radiation injury.

Modern physics and biology already knows the effects of electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies and energies on biological systems. The harmful effects of second-, third-, and fourth-generation EMF radiation have been described in a number of scientific publications, from effects on the heart to decreased fertility. These technologies were introduced without asking for people’s consent. The dangers were not described, only the benefits were emphasized.

In the case of 5G, no basic experiments have been performed or, if so, the data are not available to the general public. We do not know the effects of 5G radiation on pollinators, plants, birds, the animals in our environment, and ourselves, humans. We do not know what doses we can tolerate without harm to health and how much is already harming our health. Again, the ads only emphasize the benefits, fast internet, better access, faster downloads, smart meters, and how much energy we can save using them, and so on.

It seems that the worldwide, rapid deployment of 5G preceded safety investigations, and again, without our knowledge we are part of an uncontrolled experiment without our consent. Our security is decided by government-owned companies instead of government agencies and experts, against which we even lose our right to protest. We do not want to become experimental rabbits voluntarily.

Zsuzsa Bardócz
Professor, biologist, D. Sc.
alternative Nobel Prize - winning gene researcher

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