Supporters 7th November 2021

Letter from Professor Tanka

Letter of support for the ECI 5G EU Citizens' Initiative

Every life is unique and unrepeatable. This is why prevention and precaution are the main principles of health, life and the environment in the EU. It is in the vital public interest that public authorities prevent 5G EMF radiation from harming and endangering humans and wildlife. Although the radiation itself is invisible, no one can deny it today: this radiation causes similar oxidative stress and suffocation death in humans in a certain frequency range as the end-stage effects of COVID-19 viral effects.

The EU has provided for the deployment of the 5G network in Europe without taking due account of the above health and nature protection requirements. Instead, it deprived the Member States of the power to determine the environmental conditions of the investment. The use of 5G EMF radiation does not require an environmental permit either. This roughly breaks the precautionary principle: the environmental impactor - the operator of EMF radiation - does not have to prove that the radiation exposure it operates does not cause any harm or risk to anyone, now or in the future, ie it is completely harmless. It would only be in line with EU precautionary practice for the environmental authority to consider exposure as the greatest source of danger to humans and wildlife. Therefore, the installation and operation of 5G should be suspended under environmental law pending scientific certainty.

By contrast, the statutory exemption of the environmental user also considers the requirement in EU environmental law to organize its own activities in the event of a risk of environmental damage to be based on the best available technology and techniques, which demonstrably eliminates the source of the risk, to be non-existent, but at least minimizes any of its risks. (BATNEEC)

ECI's "Stop (((5G))) – Stay connected but protected" recommendations take the broadest possible account of the effective self-protection requirements for humans and wildlife for the disposal of EMF radiation. However, it is important that the operation of EMF radiation is subject to effective social control, both globally and locally. The initiative must be supported by millions of EU citizens if EU Community legislation is to protect lives in this area.

Endre Tanka
lawyer, D. Sc. Professor emeritus

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