Data protection

The European Citizens Initiative „Stop (((5G))) – Stay connected but protected“ ("we") treats your personal data confidentially in compliance with the legal requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the General Data Protection Regulation).


We are responsible for operating (the "site") and you may use this site without giving us personal data. We only collect information that is insufficient to identify a person but allows us to have an overview of simple statistics:

• your browser programme’s name and its version,
• your device’s operating system,
• the (anonymised) IP-address of your device,
• the exact time of your request,
• the URL-address of the requested file or page,
• the address of the website which pointed to our site (the Referrer URL),
• the result of your request (the HTTP Status Code).

The site does not collect any information from social networks. If you click one of social media links you are redirected to those websites and there they collect themselves.

Collecting signatures

Voting for the ECI via the European Union (EU) website may take a bit more effort than signing a petition. And you may not feel comfortable filling in personal details in the process. To reassure you, things are well organised around our European Citizens' Initiative.

• Your personal data will only be used for the support of the initiative and made available to the competent national authorities for the purpose of verification and certification that the signing was done correctly and coming from a European citizen.
• Your personal data will not be used for an automated decision-making including profiling.
• Your data will be stored for a maximum retention period of one month after the submission of the initiative to the European Commission or 21 months after the beginning of the collection period, whichever is the earlier.
• You have the right to request information, rectification, deletion and limitation of the processing of your personal data from the controller.

Your personal data will be collected online or on paper form.

Paper collection form

The controller: We

When the collection period is over and we have managed to get at least 1 million signatures, we scan the papers with your full name, residence, birthday and signature and send them to the Commission Central Online Collection System.

Online collection form

We have chosen to collect signatures through the Commission Central Online Collection System.

The controller: European commission

All personal data are stored in electronic format on the servers of the Commission. All processing operations are carried out pursuant to the Commission Decision (EU, Euratom) 2017/46 of 10 January 2017 on the security of communication and information systems in the European Commission.

In order to protect your personal data, the Commission has put in place a number of technical and organisational measures. Technical measures include appropriate actions to address online security, risk of data loss, alteration of data or unauthorised access, taking into consideration the risk presented by the processing and the nature of the personal data being processed. Organisational measures include restricting access to the personal data solely to authorised persons with a legitimate need to know for the purposes of this processing operation.

If you want: Make a screen print when you vote

You could make a screen print of the confirmation (with number) that you have voted! You can indicate that you want a download of the confirmation, but you will not receive it by mail.

Verification process

The controller: Member states

Your statement of support will be securely transferred to the relevant countries or municipalities to check whether you actually live there and are entitled to sign an ECI. The contact details of the national authority which will receive and process your personal data can be consulted at:


See more about your rights here:

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