Biological effects

RF EMF have negative effects as they interfere with biological, chemical and electrical systems in living organisms. The “strength” of those fields (the power density) is expressed in W/m2 (Watt per square meter). 1 W/m2 = 1,000 mW/m2 = 1,000,000 µW/m2

0.000000000001 mW/m2 (0.000000001 µW/m2)
Altered genetic structure in E. Coli (Belyaev 1996)

0.00000001 mW/m2 (0.00001 µW/m2)
Altered EEG in human subjects (Bise 1978)

0.00005 mW/m2 (0.05 µW/m2)
Effect on cell growth in yeast (Grundler 1992)

0.001 mW/m2 (1 µW/m2)
No observable effect on humans (BIOINITIATIVE 2012)

0.003 mW/m2 (3 µW/m2)
The total amount of energy received by the Earth at ground level from the Sun (IARC, Non-ionizing Radiation, PDF document page 42)

0.027 mW/m2 (27 µW/m2)
Smaller tree growth rings (Balodis 1996)

0.096 mW/m2 (96 µW/m2)
Correlation with diabetes in schoolchildren (Meo 2015)

1 mW/m2 (1 000 µW/m2)
Increase in melatonin in cows (Stark 1997)

1.68 mW/m2 (1 680 µW/m2)
Irreversible sterility in mice (Magras 1997)

2 mW/m2 (2 000 µW/m2)
Childhood leukemia near transmitters (Hocking 1996)

3 mW/m2 (3 000 µW/m2)
Impaired motor function, reaction time, memory and attention of schoolchildren, and altered sex ratio of children (fewer boys) (Kolodynski 1996)

25 mW/m2 (25 000 µW/m2)
Breakdown of blood-brain barrier (Salford 1997)

50 mW/m2 (50 000 µW/m2)
Biochemical and histological changes in liver, heart, kidney, and brain tissue (Belokrinitskiy l982)

100 mW/m2 (100 000 µW/m2)
Damaged mitochondria, nucleus of cells in hippocampus of brain (Belokrinitskiy l982)

100 mW/m2 (100 000 µW/m2)
Redistribution of metals in the lungs, brain, heart, liver, kidney, muscles, spleen, bones, skin, blood (Shutenko 1981)

10,000 mW/m2 (10,000,000 µW/m2)
EU recommended limit (Recommendation 1999/519/EC appendix 3)

500,000 mW/m2 for 30 minutes (500,000,000 µW/m2)
Warming up 1°C of one litre of water (1998 ICNIRP guidelines p. 509, although value 4 W/kg can not be converted to mW/m2, we show an approximative calculation)

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