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New international institution on BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS from EMF’s - wireless is not safe

With a just recently published peer-reviewed paper the International Commission on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF) is challenging the safety of current wireless exposure limits to radiofrequency radiation and is calling for an independent evaluation.

Europeans for Safe Connections, organiser of the Europeans Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Stop 5G – Stay connected but protected, welcomes this new scientific authority on the RF EMF field. Biological effects from RF EMF on all living organisms have been known for decades. Sadly ICNIRP, WHO, the EU and all related health and environmental authorities that are supposed to protect the well-being of all life have failed to recognise these harmful biological side effects.

In its ECI Europeans for Safe Connections is asking the EU “to ensure that additional exposure guidelines are made by scientists with biomedical expertise and who are free from conflicts of interest: appoint a new panel or expand SCHEER’s activities to assess RF EMF’s bioactive parameters. The ICBE-EMF is the organisation that could fulfill this role.

The industry independent ICBE-EMF is dedicated to ensuring that humans and other species are adequately protected from the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

ICBE-EMF’s primary purpose is to make recommendations, based on the best peer-reviewed scientific research publications, that include, and go beyond establishing numerical exposure guidelines to ensure safety. ICBE-EMF is made up of scientists, doctors and related professionals who are, or have been, involved with research related to the biological and health effects EMF.

ICBE-EMF was initiated by the advisors of the International EMF Scientist Appeal, a petition signed by more than 240 scientists who have published over 2,000 papers on EMFs, biology and health.

Its Chairman, Ronald Melnick, is an experienced toxicologist who designed the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) long-term study on rats and mice exposed to radiofrequency radiation. The study ultimately found a link between mobile phone radiation and tumors. Tumors are one of the many health effects found in the peer-reviewed paper of the ICBE-EMF.

In the scientific paper published 18 October, ICBE-EMF explained that the international standards for wireless radiation set by ICNIRP and the FCC are based on invalid assumptions and outdated science, and do not protect human health or wildlife. Protective standards should be developed and an immediate moratorium on the rollout of 5G must be caried out until proven safe.

Many of ICBE-EMF´s key scientific issues coincide with the proposals Europeans for Safe Connections is asking the EU to implement. Europeans for Safe Connections strongly advises EU to value and acknowledge this independent body of highly experienced scientists.

Europeans for Safe Connections
Pernille Schriver
coordinator for
Stop 5G – Stay Connected but Protected

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