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Letter from Professor Pall

In Support of the ECI 5G Citizen’s Initiative

This letter will focus first on EMF findings that are essential to our understanding of 5G. El-Swefy et al (1) showed that very low intensity 3G mobile phone radiation (2 h/day) in four weeks produces massive brain neurodegeneration in rats, with 34% of the brain cells dead. 11 measured and 4 observed changes were each largely blocked by amlodipine, a voltage gated calcium channel (VGCC) blocker. This tells us that the EMFs produce each of these 15 changes by activating VGCCs. This is not surprising because we know that most EMF effects are produced by EMF activation of VGGCs (2). However what is surprising is that the EMF intensity being used in (1) were the same as that produced 7 meters away from a mobile phone, an intensity of 1/80,000th of that produced by the mobile phone on the head 2.5 cm away.

How then, can El-Swefy (1) get such incredibly strong neurodegeneration from such weak radiation? There are two important mechanisms for this: 1. All wireless communications (except FM radio) use modulating pulsation to carry the information with the peak pulsations producing the effects. 2. Electronically generated EMFs produce coherent EMFs such that the coherent EMFs produce vastly higher electric and time-varying magnetic forces with those forces producing the biological effects via VGCC activation (2). That same coherence is essential for using EMFs for wireless communication. The safety guidelines are based on average EMF intensities over a 6 min or 30 min period but these tell us nothing about biological effects or safety.

El-Swefy (1) studied no factors specific for Alzheimer’s or any other specific type of neurodegeneration. However, Zhang et al (3) showed that a series of EMF pulses given once a day to rats produced extremely early onset Alzheimer’s disease with elevation of four Alzheimer’s specific changes in the hippocampus. Based on relative lifespans, these findings are similar to findings that EMFs produced extremely early near universal Alzheimer’s in 21 year old humans. If those pulses are given only once, in one second, 10 seconds or 100 seconds of one day, the they cause very early onset Alzheimer’s – roughly the equivalent of 42 year old humans developing near universal Alzheimer’s.

What about human Alzheimer’s? We know (4) that: VGCC activation has essential roles in producing Alzheimer’s and that excessive intracellular calcium produced by VGCC activation produces each of the nine most important both Alzheimer’s specific & non-specific changes that cause Alzheimer’s. Young people exposed to high levels of mobile phone or Wi-Fi radiation develop digital dementia. Epidemiological studies show linkages of both Alzheimer’s incidence and early onset with EMFs.

5G uses extraordinarily pulsed millimeter (MM) waves in order to carry unprecedented amounts of information per second. We have, therefore, profound reason for concern because of the biological impacts of pulsation, as shown above. Non-pulsed low intensity MM-waves were shown in 5 experimental studies cited in (2), to produce EEG changes in the human brain; 4 of these also produced neurological/neuropsychiatric effects. When even non-pulsed MM-waves produce human brain impact, we have every reason for great concern regarding extremely highly pulsed 5G. It is, therefore, highly plausible and I believe highly likely that 5G will produce near universal extremely early onset Alzheimer’s in humans.

We have, then a choice. We can go ahead with multiple 5G “rollouts” are highly probable to cause, in my opinion, near universal extremely early Alzheimer’s and complete collapse of all “civilization”. Effects produced very quickly may not be apparent for 5 to 10 years, because of the Alzheimer’s latency period. Or, we can stop this technology which has never been tested for health impacts, removing all 4G/5G “small cell antennae.

Martin Pall
B.A., Ph.D., professor emeritus
Molecular Biosciences at Washington State University


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