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Proposal 7

Educate the public on the hazards associated with wireless technologies and how to minimize exposure (e.g. using cables).

Detailed explanation

Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 1815 in point 8.3.1. states: "develop within different ministries (education, environment and health) targeted information campaigns aimed at teachers, parents and children to alert them to the specific risks of early, ill-considered and prolonged use of mobiles and other devices emitting microwaves"

and in point 8.1.3. "put in place information and awareness-raising campaigns on the risks of potentially harmful long-term biological effects on the environment and on human health, especially targeting children, teenagers and young people of reproductive age".

Our request is

  • that the public be fully informed about the potential health risks from RF EMF and taught harm reduction strategies (e.g. Cyprus national campaign)
  • that people be advised to turn off the wireless functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth etc.) at night and make sure they are not radiated from outside in order to help the body regenerate from day time exposure
  • no advertising of wireless devices for or featuring children (like they have in France)
  • medical professionals be educated about the biological effects of RF EMF and be provided training on treatment of patients with electromagnetic sensitivity
  • that education programme be funded in order to include education about harmful effects of RF EMF in national education plans in Member States for parents, basic and secondary schools.

The rising amount of devices was not taken into account when current legislation was prepared. Employees for example are not aware about risks from these:

  • many people during worktime at their work place or even working from home are unwantedly irradiated or unwantedly irradiate others by frequent mobile phone calls
  • any employees in hypermarkets, supermarkets, logistics, restaurants are using wireless devices such as handsfree devices, bluetooth devices, DECT phones, barcode scanning or payment terminals

(Updated in August 2022: The Court of Appeal in UK has granted permission for the case to proceed on grounds concerning the failure to provide adequate information to the public about the risks of adverse health effects and how individuals can avoid or minimize these risks. Read more in our press release.)

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