Supporters 30th September 2021

Letter from Professor Nyberg & Professor Hardell

To all EU citizens, who consider signing the ECI initiative

More than 400 scientists and medical doctors (including 80 professors) have endorsed our 5G Appeal to EU, which demands - like the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) ”Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected”, that EU must take action to invoke a moratorium and apply EU:s Precautionary Principle in order to protect health and lives in Europe. Therefore EU must ”take all reasonable measures to halt the radiation expansion” and to reduce the guidelines for electromagnetic radiation in order to protect the environment, insects, animals and humans, especially children and foetuses.

We, who are responsible for the 5G appeal, support that you sign the initiative and its requirements and proposals for laws set in the initiative are implemented by the European Commission.

1. Today's current radio frequency / microwave exposure ”safety guidelines” provide insufficient protection, because as said in the 5G appeal: ”Safety guidelines” protect industry — not health” especially for children, pregnant women, pollinating insects, animals and plants. Therefore, laws must be enacted to protect all life from harmful radio frequencies and microwave radiation.

2. The appeal states: ”5G leads to a massive increase of mandatory exposure to wireless radiation”. The radiation caused by a massive increase of electronic devices, antennas and satellites threatens the climate, biodiversity and natural habitats. Therefore, laws must be enacted that protect the environment from all the effects of 5G and wireless digitalisation.

3. In the 5G appeal we urge EU: ”To take all reasonable measures to halt the 5G RF-EMF expansion until independent scientists can assure that 5G and the total radiation levels caused by RF-EMF (5G together with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi) will not be harmful.”

We therefore recommend all EU citizens to sign this initiative – Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected – for a healthier, safer and more secure future for human beings, especially children in Europe.

The initiators of the 5G Appeal to EU,

Rainer Nyberg
EdD, MPS, Professor emeritus
Vasa, Finland

Lennart Hardell
MD, PhD, Professor (Retired)
Örebro, Sweden

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