History and Background

The whole idea of an ECI as a tool to stop 5G rollout in Europe was first voiced at a conference in Mendrisio, Switzerland in 2019.

Version 1 of the Stop 5G ECI was drafted in the period from the summer of 2019 to the summer of 2020. In February 2020 a Danish delegation went to a conference in Kassel to give their support to the German organisational foundation behind the Stop 5G ECI. Due to various circumstances the responsibility for the Stop 5G ECI was later handed over to Slovenia and Denmark. Slovenia backed down and then a representative of the Danish EHS Association and the Danish Rights Movement for Health, May Day, carried on. 

During the autumn of 2020 they got in touch with several grass roots movements and scientists (i.e.Rainer Nyberg) in other EU countries who were working against wireless radiation. They decided to involve even more groups and networks in the EU countries so the project would be very broadly supported and in January 2021 representatives from approximately 15 countries pitched in to help shape the Stop 5G ECI version 2.0 

Many many hours were spent in working groups debating and formulating what became the present Stop 5G ECI with 23 proposals to the Commission covering different subjects such as health, the environment, rare minerals, mining, satellites and surveillance/privacy.   

In the summer of 2021 the name of “Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected” and a logo were decided upon and in the following months work was put into building a website with the strategic name  Furthermore, it became clear that many of the supporting  groups in the Stop 5G ECI wanted to build a European alliance – in order to facilitate a broad co-operation that may influence the EU and local legislators – the name of which is Europeans for Safe Connections.

After much deliberation and many questions to the ECI helpdesk in the EU, the 23 proposals were finalised in August 2021 and submitted to the EU. While waiting for the Commission to approve the Stop 5G ECI  the website was finished and then to our great enthusiasm in October we received the answer from the Commission that they had accepted our ECI and that we could set a launching date. 

The next months were spent on various platforms creating campaign materials, translating our website into all EU languages and creating a network with far more organisations and groups in all the EU countries.

We decided to launch on March 1, 2022 – and we are busy now getting signatures in all the EU member states.

If you care to help us, please contact us. You can find all national contacts on the page of Organisers.

Mendrisio, Switzerland 2019
Kassel, Germany 2020
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Kassel, Germany 2020
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