Electrohypersensitivity or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) means a high (hyper) vulnerability to extremely low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). It is accompanied with a wide range of symptoms and has strong constraints on life. The symptoms diminish or disappear when these EMF are avoided.

Humans have 5 senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. People do not have receptors for electromagnetic radiation except visible light. Therefore we can not sense it directly. But people with EHS can recognize it indirectly through its effects. They can feel its consequences after being exposed some time.

As an example we can take ultra-violet electromagnetic radiation. Humans do not have receptors for those either. But after some time you can tell if you were exposed - your skin will get sun-tanned and when exposed too long your skin feels sunburnt.

The same applies to extremely low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. It has biological effects and the longer exposure the easier one senses its effects.

Possible symptoms, after one to several hours exposure to extremely low frequency and radiofrequency EMF:
(non-limitive list)

  • (strong) tinnitus, whistling and/or buzzing sounds
  • hypersensitivity to loud noises and light
  • nervousness, irritability, aggressiveness
  • severe headache, nausea, dizziness
  • severe difficulty with thinking, problems with speaking
  • short-term memory loss, disorientation
  • drowsiness, strong desire to sleep or insomnia
  • changed blood pressure and heartbeat, arrhythmia
  • nerv failure, muscles tighten, muscle cramps
  • blood sugar problems, hypoglycaemia
  • tingling, burning, greasy skin, rash, lesions, eczema
  • swollen eyelids, dry mouth, painful tongue
  • cold feet, shivers, feeling of flu
  • feeling of deadly tiredness

Depending on the severity of the EHS, the person can develop only some or more of those symptoms. The intensity of the reactions can vary from mild to severe.

Other terms for effects of RF EMF on humans

  • Electrosensitive (ES)
  • Electromagnetic intolerance
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Allergy
  • Radiofrequency Allergy
  • Allergy to EMF
  • EMF Intolerance
  • EMF Sensitivity
  • Electrosmog Sensitivity
  • Radiofrequency Sensitivity
  • Electrosmog Intolerance
  • EMF induced disability
  • Microwave sickness

Products you can google to protect yourself

  • RF shielding window film
  • Shielding paint
  • Shielding fabric
  • Shielding bedding
  • EMF bed canopy
  • Shielding scarf, underpants, hoodie...

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2. EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016, about the treatment of EHS

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