Protection of our Environment

Enact stronger regulation to protect the environment
from all impacts of 5G and digitalization

Far from being a step towards an energy efficient and sustainable future, 5G and the introduction of the Internet of Things will greatly contribute to pollution and resource depletion. By 2025 they could account for 20% of worldwide electricity consumption.

Eight proposals to implement in EU law:

Proposal 11

Update Directive 2011/92/EU to include 5G deployment and all telecommunication as projects in Annex 1 to ensure that such projects are made subject to environmental assessment or a screening as prescribed by the directive.

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Proposal 12

Reduce the massive electricity consumption caused by digital communication technology, e.g. by prioritizing wired solutions and low energy solutions in the action plan for the European Green Deal.

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Proposal 13

Include "Waste from Electrical and Electronical Equipment" (WEEE), other waste products, and the environmental impacts of mining for rare earth minerals and metals used in electronical equipment in the “Zero pollution action plan”.

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Proposal 14

Update Ecodesign Directive from 2009 setting tight limits to resource and energy waste of all connected devices including antennas and satellites.

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Proposal 15

Recognize all biologically harmful parameters of RF EMF as a pollutant. Include them in all relevant EU Policies and Directives.

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Proposal 16

Include monitoring of all biological harmful parameters of RF EMF in Environmental monitoring programmes, Biodiversity Strategy 2030, EU Nature restoration targets, Habitats and Birds Directives and Natura 2000.

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Proposal 17

Call for an immediate moratorium on 5G satellites mega-constellations worldwide until the environmental adverse effects are resolved.

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Proposal 18

Make an environmental impact assessment of all space projects a priority within the European Space Policy.

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