News Press release 16 February 2023

European citizens travel to the EU Parliament to present an unpopular issue

A major event took place when the newly formed NGO, Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC), on Tuesday 7 Feb visited the European Parliament.

ESC attended a workshop hosted by MEP Michele Rivasi (Greens/EFA), Anne-Sophie PELLETIER (The Left), and Ivan Sinčić (NI) together with citizens from all over Europe who travelled all the way to Brussels.

Rob van der Boom, ESC / Stop 5G ECI
Jean Huss, Rapporteur Resolution 1815
Charlotte Ryø, ESC / Stop 5G ECI
Pernille Schriver, ESC / Stop 5G ECI
Marc Arazi, Phonegate
Miguel Coma, writer/trainer on digital sustainability

The event was organised in order for stakeholders to meet with the Europeans for Safe Connections coalition who presented their first action alerts on the dark side of our modern wireless telecommunication technologies.

Representatives of the electro-hypersensitive community were also present and delivered touching testimonies in the room and on video about their sombre life situation and with 5G and 6G it will be unbearable.

In his presentation Mr. Rob van der Boom (The Netherlands) made this important conclusion: "We have unacceptable side effects of radiofrequencies on the health of people and on nature as well. The current rules of the EU do not take these into consideration."

Also the rapporteur of Resolution 1815 about the risks of EMF Jean Huss (Luxembourg) is very dissapointed with the direction of the EU: "The direction in the European Commission and the member states it's just an institution taking into account solely the financial economic interests and ignoring health issues."

After listening to the presentation of DG Connect about their massive plans for the roll-out of more 5G, and soon 6G with even more wireless radiation, Pernille Schriver (Denmark), asked these burning questions: "All these people are telling you that they get sick, and we have explained the science to you, I have now two questions: How can the EU continue the rollout of 5G, and now you're talking about 6G, when the EU have missed the environmental and health assessment? And 2) How much EU funding have you put into the health and environmental assessment?"

Final statement from Ms Rivasi (France): "Please promise that you will never again launch a technology without an impact assessment, so never do that again. We have to reintroduce our citizens' voice in the debate ... we have built Europe based on people, based on peace, based on wellbeing, based on the future."

Europeans for Safe Connections is on the way to becoming a big umbrella organisation with a strong message about the side effects of wireless communication and digitalisation on society and nature.

Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC) is a coalition of national and international organisations that are aware of adverse consequences of the modern communication technologies. ESC members develop proposals to arrive at safer applications of wireless telecommunication technologies and limiting radio frequency and microwave exposure as low as it is possible for the sake of individuals, the society, flora and fauna.

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