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Have your say - Cyber resilience

You can also get involved in forming EU laws. The European Commission would like to hear your views on laws and policies currently in development. They offer a platform "Have your say" with the list of all new EU initiatives open for public consultation. You need to register to write your feedback.

There are always 5 stages of each EU initiative, each stage is open for public consultation for a specific time frame:

  1. In preparation

  2. Call for evidence

  3. Public consultation

  4. Draft act

  5. Commission adoption

Cyber resilience act – new cybersecurity rules for digital products and ancillary services

About this initiative: This initiative aims to address market needs and protect consumers from insecure products by introducing common cybersecurity rules for manufacturers and vendors of tangible and intangible digital products and ancillary services.

Feedback period: for stage 5 it is 19 September 2022 - 23 January 2023


Feedback from Europeans for Safe Connections

We "Europeans for Safe Connections" welcome this initiative and we would like to add some important improvements.

Article 10 is about obligations of manufacturers. Among the obligations there is also to publish INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS TO THE USER further defined in Annex II - that is the list of information that the product with digital elements shall be accompanied by.

We suggest to add this information to the list for the user to know:

— If the device communicates with other devices or is connected to the Internet, the user is informed about the exact list of transmitted data, the frequency of data transmissions, the recipient of these data, what is the use of these data and also about the method of processing of these data and whether automated processes are used and what kind of them (e.g. artificial intelligence, neural networks, expert systems).


We suggest to add this requirement to the list:

— If the device communicates with other devices or is connected to the Internet, the user can use as many functions as possible in an offline mode. When connected, all kinds of connections are equal: both wired and wireless.

These suggestions are in line with the proposal 22 and proposal 7 of our european citizens' initiative "Stop 5G — Stay connected but protected"

Best regards
Petra Bertová
on behalf of the Europeans for Safe Connections
This feedback was sent from a wired internet connection
- No use of harmful radiation
- Less electricity consumption
- Increased data security

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