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Have your say - Aarhus convention

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Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee case on State aid: implications/options

About this initiative: The Convention’s Compliance Committee found that the EU did not abide by the Convention in enabling people to challenge decisions on State aid measures.

Feedback period: for stage 2 it is 13 July 2022 - 05 October 2022

Link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/have-your-say/initiatives/13462-Aarhus-Convention-Compliance-Committee-case-on-State-aid-implications-options_en

Feedback from Europeans for Safe Connections

We “Europeans for Safe Connections” agree with the findings that the EU do not abide by the Aarhus Convention in enabling people to challenge decisions on State aid measures.

We would hereby claim that the EU is also failing to comply with the Aarhus Convention in terms of public participation in decision-making in the deployment of 5G, IoT and the expansion of digital communication technologies. 5G deployment puts citizens' rights to a healthy environment, freedom and privacy at risk.

A. Humans, fauna and flora are being harmed by radiation. Current exposure limits provide insufficient protection — especially for vulnerable people (like children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly), animals, pollinating insects and plants.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies independent from industry including the most recent research prove radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) have harmful bioeffects at intensities millions of times lower than current limits. The citizens have demanded the application of the precautionary principle to RF EMF in order to protect against risks to the environment and human health.

The citizens of Europe have asked the EU for many years to enact regulation to protect all life from radio frequency and microwave radiation.

B. With 5G the amount of connected electronic devices, antennas and satellites will explode. Unsustainable energy consumption, radiation emissions, harmful mining and pollution will follow, which will endanger biodiversity and natural habitats.

Far from being a step towards an energy efficient and sustainable future, 5G and the introduction of the Internet of Things will greatly contribute to pollution and resource depletion. By 2025 they could account for 20% of worldwide electricity consumption.

The citizens of Europe have asked the EU for many years to enact stronger regulation to protect the environment from all the impacts of 5G and digitalization.

C. 5G enables massive data collection and surveillance by connected objects. This will increase the risk of cybercrime, data leak, theft, resale and misuse of artificial intelligence.

Current data protection is insufficient in an Internet of Bodies and Things scenario in which all devices are collecting our data 24/7, to be processed as Big Data by artificial intelligence which has been proven to reproduce and aggravate discrimination. It is also extremely concerning that 70% of investment in 5G is in surveillance systems, including facial recognition cameras and drones.

The citizens of Europe have asked the EU for many years to enact effective data protection
to safeguard citizens’ privacy, security and freedom.

In conclusion

The EU has not reacted to the many citizens and NGO’s requests regarding the numerous aspects and side effects of the 5G deployment. In contrast, the EU has responded only with silence and continued support for the industry, with the result that:

- the citizens of Europe are even more irradiated today. Children and other vulnerable groups are particularly affected. An estimate by the EESC predicts that 13 mio. citizens are already affected.

- the environment, the biodiversity and natural habitats are further affected by technology pollution, intensified mining, and side effects of increased energy consumption

- massive data collection and surveillance are constantly intensified. This will further increase the risk of cybercrime, data leak, theft, resale and misuse of artificial intelligence.

The EU has genuinely failed to involve citizens in these important issues that affect all citizens every day in all aspects of everyday life and therefore do not comply to the Aarhus Convention.

Best regards
Pernille Schriver
On behalf of “Europeans for Safe Connections”
This feedback was sent from a wired internet connection
- No use of harmful radiation
- Less electricity consumption
- Increased data security


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